Using List Views, when having more than 50 views


If you want to use an app part in SharePoint and have more than 50 different views, only the first 50 will be available to select in the web part configuration pane.


  1. select the view on the main .aspx of the list / library (here it will also work for more than 50 views)
  2. open that .aspx page with SharePoint Designer and navigate to the view .aspx (All Files – Shared Documents – Forms – …)
  3. copy the <view>….</view> part
  4. convert that to XML encoded string (there are many free online converters available)
  5. add the list / library app part to some .aspx page and EXPORT it
  6. edit the exported file with some code editor and replace the view string with the generated one
  7. save with a new name
  8. import the modified web part file and use

have fun…!

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SharePoint Excel Data Refresh with O365 Pro Plus

My environment:
– SharePoint on-prem 2013
– Office Online Server
– Excel Office Pro Plus (2016)
– Data source = SharePoint list

Problem Description:

One day I wasn’t anymore able to auto refresh my SharePoint embedded charts that pulled data from SP lists.
I had to do some research until I found that it’s a combination of my new Excel version and the Office Online server. Due to changes in the security model, the standard settings didn’t work anymore.


  1. Enable “From OData Data Feed (Legacy)” in the Excel options on the “Data” tab
  2. In Excel on the Data tab click on “Get Data – Legacy Wizards – From OData Data Feed (Legacy)
  3. Connect to your site adding /_vti_bin/listdata.svc to your URL
  4. on the next page select the list where you want to pull data from
  5. now on the last wizard page it’s very important, that you use a stored account instead of Windows authentication (create on in “Secure Store Service” – Link)

Now you can go on creating your charts and then embed it in SharePoint with the Excel web part.

Have fun!

If that still doesn’t work, some other things to check:
– check, if the SecureStoreService is set to type “Individual”
– In the members section add the FQDN$ (if on-prem) of the OOS servers
– in OOS configuration make sure -AllowHttpSecureStoreConnection is set to TRUE
– in the c2wtshost.exe.config (under path C:\Program Files\Windows Identity Foundation\v3.5\) make sure, that following line is NOT commented:
<add value=”NT AUTHORITY\Network Service” />
(restart OOS service)
– make sure, all BIServers are registered in OOS
New-OfficeWebAppsExcelBIServer –ServerId YourSQLServer\POWERPIVOT

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Javascript to create Link incl. DYNAMIC DATE

Problem Description:

Some services might use special parts in the URL, that are dynamic.
So is my case, where the link must include today’s date.
I found some resources on the web that gave me an idea and here is my final piece of code.
I added it to a SharePoint site, so users are able to click from there including login and this dynamic date.


<div id=’dynLink’> </div>

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.onload = function(){
var date = new Date();
var y = date.getFullYear();
var m = date.getMonth() + 1;
if(m < 10){m = ‘0’ + m;}
var d = date.getDate();
if(d < 10){d = ‘0’ + d;}
var date = d + “.” + m + “.” + y;

var finalURL = ‘<a target=\”_blank\” href=\”https://first part of the link’ + date + ‘second part of the link\”>Link</a>’;


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Create clickable Icon in SharePoint Lists

Problem Description:

Sometimes design is very important and therefore a usual link may not be enough. So I searched for a way to create a column in SharePoint and add a clickable icon.


  1. upload a icon picture to your site
  2. create a new column of type “Multiple lines of text”;
    ensure you have “Enhance rich text…” selected and set the “Number of lines for editing to 1
  3. now you can add usual links to that column or do it – like in my case – automatically by a workflow on item created event.
    <a href=” &Source=/sites/yoursite”><img border=”0″ alt=”Info” src=”/sites/yoursite/library/info.png”>
  4. enjoy!

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SharePoint Solution Deployment stucks in Retract / Deploy State

Problem Description:

I tried to deploy / retract a solution on a SharePoint farm, but the process never finishes. It stucked in “Deploying / Retracting” state forever.
In my case this was caused by disabled timer service instances.


I deployed the solutions with the parameter -Local on each server.

Final Solution:

$farm = Get-SPFarm
$disabledTimers = $farm.TimerService.Instances | where {$_.Status -ne “Online”}
foreach ($timer in $disabledTimers)
$timer.Status = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPObjectStatus]::Online

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