Javascript to create Link incl. DYNAMIC DATE

Problem Description:

Some services might use special parts in the URL, that are dynamic.
So is my case, where the link must include today’s date.
I found some resources on the web that gave me an idea and here is my final piece of code.
I added it to a SharePoint site, so users are able to click from there including login and this dynamic date.


<div id=’dynLink’> </div>

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.onload = function(){
var date = new Date();
var y = date.getFullYear();
var m = date.getMonth() + 1;
if(m < 10){m = ‘0’ + m;}
var d = date.getDate();
if(d < 10){d = ‘0’ + d;}
var date = d + “.” + m + “.” + y;

var finalURL = ‘<a target=\”_blank\” href=\”https://first part of the link’ + date + ‘second part of the link\”>Link</a>’;


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Create clickable Icon in SharePoint Lists

Problem Description:

Sometimes design is very important and therefore a usual link may not be enough. So I searched for a way to create a column in SharePoint and add a clickable icon.


  1. upload a icon picture to your site
  2. create a new column of type “Multiple lines of text”;
    ensure you have “Enhance rich text…” selected and set the “Number of lines for editing to 1
  3. now you can add usual links to that column or do it – like in my case – automatically by a workflow on item created event.
    <a href=” &Source=/sites/yoursite”><img border=”0″ alt=”Info” src=”/sites/yoursite/library/info.png”>
  4. enjoy!
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Meine Wiederladedaten .38 Special

Nachdem ich meine 9mm Luger (Link)  Laborierung schon mal geteilt habe, hier auch noch meine Zusammensetzung der .38 Special.

Pulver: 6.0 gn Vihtavuori N340
Geschoss: LOS 158 gn .357
Zünder: S&B Small Pistol
Länge: 39.00 mm

Ebenfalls auf 25m ausgetestet und alles bestens mit der S&W 686 sowie mit einem S&W Model 21

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SharePoint Solution Deployment stucks in Retract / Deploy State

Problem Description:

I tried to deploy / retract a solution on a SharePoint farm, but the process never finishes. It stucked in “Deploying / Retracting” state forever.
In my case this was caused by disabled timer service instances.


I deployed the solutions with the parameter -Local on each server.

Final Solution:

$farm = Get-SPFarm
$disabledTimers = $farm.TimerService.Instances | where {$_.Status -ne “Online”}
foreach ($timer in $disabledTimers)
$timer.Status = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPObjectStatus]::Online

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Disable Form Field by using jQuery

Problem Description:

Usually you disable fields on forms by using SP Designer.
But if it’s a site content type, you can’t do it this way –> use a piece of Javascript


1. Download a jqueryxx.min.js file and place it in e.g. Site Assets library.

2. On the list settings choose the form web part you want to manipulate.
Then add a script web part and add following code (the correct title of the field you may find by inspect the element in the browser).

<script src=”http://PathToYourjQueryFile/jquery-xx.min.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
$(“input[Title=’YourFieldTitle’]”).attr(“disabled”, “disabled”);

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