Copy & Paste from Excel into Canvas Power App


Power App doesn’t provide functionality to just paste copied content from Excel into a table or a gallery. But it’s annoying people, if they have to type all the values from a calculated Excel file 1:1 into the Power App.
So I found a workaround, that people can just copy & paste values from a standardized table, with which values they need to start an approval workflow for many times.


First we create a simple input form on Power App, containing a Text Input field, a table and a button. In my demo I use a SharePoint list as data source.

Then create a Flow with a Power App trigger.

Link the button to the Flow and pass in the text value.

Collection of formulas for you to copy:

Formula for the button:

Expression to get the rows:

Expression to get the columns:

Have fun 😉

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Flow: Update People field in SharePoint online with “multiple selections allowed”


When you create many workflow applications, you’ll learn, that most of them will use same data again like organization information, responsible persons etc.
So I started setting up a “Central Data” location with all relevant info as SharPoint lists.
Then I went to the different applications and created a “Get Centralized Data” Flow for each of them.
BUT… trying to update a SharePoint People field, that has the setting “multiple selections allowed” turned out to be a pain. You can’t just use the dynamic value from the central list, even the fields were configured identically.


Put the person’s claims into an array variable, but don’t use “claims” but “Email” value (yes, it’s confusing ;-))

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Power Automate (Flow) – Trigger Condition “Modified by”


I created a Flow with trigger “SharePoint – When an item is created or modified” and went into an indefinite loop, because the system user modified the item and triggered the workflow again and so on.
So I had to add a trigger condition, to not start if the “modified by” user is my system account.


It was a bit tricky to learn, that I can’t use “Modified by Email” – I had to use the editors vaule instead. Here we go…

@not(equals(triggerBody()[‘Editor’][‘Email’], ‘’))

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Display PowerApp elements based on O365 group membership

My Szenario:

I had to build some app with confidential contents for different user groups.
Some contents may only be visible to a specific group of people.


First of all I created two different security groups in O365.
Then I got the groupId through PowerShell (you could also use AzureAD)
Get-MsolGroup | ? displayname -like 

Use the “OnStart” property of the app to load your group memberships into collections:

Now put the visible property of the element to hide to following:
If(User().Email in myUsers.mail,true,false)

That’s it. It’ll check, if the current logged on user is in the collection of the group members and based on that displays content or not.

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PowerApp Icon – Custom Color

Out of the box PowerApps offers only a small palette of colors you can choose from. But since most companies have some design guidelines, specific colors may be required.
There is already a uservoice available for that topic: Link to user voice

For the time being here is a workaround.
1. Save the .msapp file to your computer (File – Save as)
2. add the ending .zip to the download file
3. open the package (do NOT extract) with e.g. WinRar
4. edit the file Publishinfo.json (in folder Resources) and change the color code

5. save a copy of the file to your local drive
6. now DRAG&DROP the modified file into the package
(do not extract and re-pack, it will not work)
7. remove the .zip ending from the package
8. in PowerApps EDIT the app you want to change
9. go to File – Open and upload the modified .msapp package
10. go to File – Save and click on “Raplace existing app here”
11. Publish the app

Boom! It’s done

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